Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sites Like Student of Fortune Alternative. Why is SOF shutting down?

Student of Fortune Shutting Down! 

As you may already know student of fortune has already ceased operations and is no longer allowing students to post homework questions.  As part of the Chegg family, SOF will be closing down.  So what about the millions of students who are getting homework help on Student of Fortune? Where will they have to go? Luckily, there are many other options besides the SOF website which can be used to get homework help for students.  The one option to get homework help from verified tutors is a little known website called  What is great about the site is that it allows you to only pay once the work is completed. This is great since you can double check the work before paying for it.Some other benefits are:

  • Instant Homework Help: Get Help Within Minutes & Chat With Scholars in Real-Time
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Pay Only When The Work Is Done Right
  • Get Expert Help: All Scholars Registered On the Site Hold Verified Advanced Degrees
  • Get Help On Any Subject: Scholars Can Help You With Math, Physics, Chemistry, English and More

This is a great website to go to if you are struggling with homework help and need help pronto.  I reviewed this website a while ago in another blog posting and have gotten several emails from students who have tried the site out and say that it is simply the best help site they have used.  If you dont believe just post a $1 homework question (yes, $1!!!) and see if the answers you get are what you are looking for.  This site is the real deal and I am happy to see that the owners have done a tremendous job of keeping awesome scholars on there to help you out.

Who Am I?

I am a college student in a Midwest school who stumbled across the college homework help sites when I was in my junior year.  These sites helped me out tremendously when I was struggling with math assignments and I wanted to return the favor by helping students out there who may be struggling and need help fast.


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